Lab Reimbursement Summit 2019

Lab Reimbursement Summit 2019 2019-08-30T15:00:22-07:00

Suzanne Carasso

Sean McSweeney, President, Apache Health

Sean McSweeney is Founder and President of Apache Health. He brings over two decades of industry experience … Read More

Michelle Matney

Michelle Matney, President, Vachette Pathology

Mrs. Matney brings more than 30 years of billing and practice management experience to … Read More

Robert Liles

Robert W. Liles, Esq., Liles Parker PLLC

Mr. Liles’ background is somewhat unique. In addition to a law degree, he holds an … Read More

Ann Lambrix

Ann Lambrix, Vice President of Client Relations, Vachette Pathology

Ann Lambrix comes to Vachette with more than 20 years in the medical insurance and billing … Read More

John Donnelly

John Donnelly, President & CEO, Frontrunner Healthcare

John Donnelly has spent the past 28 years in Healthcare technology, where he has helped hundreds of large … Read More

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